A 2 hour class that is designed to be the best version of a wine 101 you’ve ever had. By using the basic elements of wine to break down everything that makes wine wine, attendees are able to do more than just get facts to memorize. They are given context by which to understand wine and make judgements about wines they haven’t yet tasted and formulate real and articulate opinions about wines that they have.

My aim is that by the end of the two hours you understand the basic constructs of wine, have a grasp of the most important vocabulary, you are able to describe in simple and accurate terms what you are tasting and be able to predict what a bottle of wine will taste like before you order/buy it.

Phase I: Understand the basic building blocks
Phase II: Learn how to identify these characteristics in wine for yourself
Phase III: Discover what you like and how to communicate it
Phase IV: Appreciate and experience all this magic others

Throughout my years of teaching in wine, I’ve educated countless of the wine curious from a diversity of backgrounds. After thousands of hours of training and answering thousands more questions about wine, I knew the process could be simplified.

I believe that we as an industry speak about wine in a way that has done a disservice to our non-wine industry wine-loving counterparts. We all love the flavors and experiences of wine as well as the stories and the facts – but there always feels like there is a divide between the “have’s” and “have nots”.  There is so much information swirling around and it all seems to matter, but how do you put it all together to form a clear picture that is decipherable and applicable in any wine scenario? We should all feel empowered to have opinions about wine without having to be wine experts.

I believe there are a few fundamental concepts that are foundation of understanding all things wine. If you can wrap your brain around these, it can open up the ability to be confident in choosing and tasting wines for yourself. My approach is to teach you the how + why so that you can develop a life-long appreciation for wine that isn’t reliant on anyone else but you.