Wine List Consulting

Vanessa is proud to work with a number of well-known entities in NY and The Hamptons in wine list writing, staff training, and consultation services. Some notable clients include Jacks Wife Freda and The Montauk Surf Lodge. Not in NYC? We can also assist through e-services so please reach out! 

  • It's the people the that surround us, take part in our lives and work alongside us, that keeps us inspired. Vanessa Price is one such person, her energy, knowledge, passion and friendship, is deeply appreciated.
    — Dean & Maya Jankelowitz, owners/operators, Jacks Wife Freda
  • After attending several wine themed events organized by Vanessa, I knew that she had to be the one to take care of the wine needs at a 500 person event I was holding. Her professionalism, knowledge and charm shines as she speaks and educates, while her detailed approach and level of organization left me feeling confident and relaxed.
    — Violet Gross Tulerie CEO, FIT Couture Council board member
  • Vanessa's amazing breadth of knowledge in the wine world is astounding.. the only thing that's even more astounding is the fun, curiosity-inspiring and flat-out joyful way she shares her passion with others.
    — Maeve Nicholson, Managing Editor, Garage Magazine
  • A true knowledgeable professional who's charisma captivated my team. Vanessa increased our sales by motivating and instilling confidence on our team members. She continues to comeback to do follow up trainings and the staff line up to see her. The guest experience has dramatically improved due to her efforts. She understands numbers and the importance of adding value in all aspects of the operation.
    — Carlos De La Fuente, Director of Operations, Montauk Yacht Club
  • The Vinum Experience was such a delight! I gathered 20 of my friends who really have no background or true understanding of wine. We all came out of the course with a true appreciation for wine. It’s not as difficult as people make it out to be, and I now have a better understanding of the type of wine I like. I feel confident going into a restaurant and picking the kind of glass or bottle I know I will like!
    — Megan Duong, Global Brand & Digital Marketing Manager, Apple