So why do a private tasting? Some of the top reasons we host events for clients:

Weddings and bridal party celebrations

Offsite celebrations…IPOs and acquistions

Date night and couples gatherings

Product launches

Dinners, gifts and just because!!

Through Vanessa’s years of study, she has achieved high levels of certification with the Wine& Spirit Education Trust, for whom she now teaches. Through her column in NY Magazine, she has developed an expertise in fun food and wine pairings. Whether you are looking for a Wine 101, something more educationally significant or a fun class on how to pair wine with foods, she can tailor an event to your personal vision.

If you’d like the event to be memorialized with Insta-worthy photography or video or a two-punch speaking duo, Michelle, Nicholas and Colin can join!

In the end we will help you to impress your guests with a thoughtful array of beverage offerings perfectly themed to the proceedings.