The Vinum Collective is designed as an all-things-wine lifestyle platform to help wine become accessible and engaging for everyone. It’s a community built on the idea that wine – fermented grape juice – should be something every person can feel educated on and empowered to have confidently integrated into their everyday life.

Members of TVC don’t need to be an expert to learn what they like while exploring new wine frontiers without feeling judged or intimidated.

 Through the use of approachable language, alluring imagery, an inclusive philosophy and curated experiences, The Vinum Collective is a stand alone format for learning about wine. Through lifestyle events and product services as well as coming textbook literature and e-learning modules, The Vinum Collective will unlock the mysteries of wine one glass at a time.  



Born and raised in Kentucky, Vanessa first caught the wine bug working in a small winery down south. She followed her passion for wine and moved to New York City in 2007, starting as a sommelier at Balon Wine Bar on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. From there she moved on to wine education with the American Sommelier Association, handling PR and events and wine-focused client services with Colangelo & Partners, consulting for private wine collectors and wine lists in NYC restaurants, and as a distributor with Empire Merchants, working with some of the most renowned restaurants of this great city. Through this years-long diverse education of the wine world, Vanessa decided to dedicate herself to being both a student and teacher of wine.

Today she works as a contributing wine writer to New York Magazine, an educator with the Wine & Spirit Education Trust®, a guest lecturer at Columbia University, and as the NY/Hamptons Area Manager for Maisons Marques & Domaines.